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Thousands of European citizens have been taking advantage of the health benefits associated with living on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida.
Spain has the highest life expectancy and one of the lowest living costs among the EU countries. Its warm climate provides approximately 3000 hours of sunshine and less than 20 days of rain per year,

19.3°C, on average.
Wide fields and sports facilities, as 21 golf courses, and water activities developed in more than 114 kilometers of beach, 64 of them with blue flag, make up the sports offering of the area.

The Mediterranean diet containing seafood and vegetables enriched with olive oil is considered one of the most healthy and balanced.

Landscapes integrate sea and mountains, desert plains and green hills, and sandy and pebbly beaches.

Senioren Golden Age 24
Gertrud M. Golden Age 24
Dr. Raimond Schreiber, Golden Age 24
Villa Resort Golf 1. Line
Spa Pool
Restaurant Interior_edited.jpg
Hotel Dinning Room_edited.jpg
Golden Age 24, Golf & Spa Resort
Golden Age 24
Golden Age 24
Golden Age 24
Golden Age 24
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